Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Box Office open?

Box Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am to 5pm. The Box Office is closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, unless otherwise noted. The Box Office also opens one hour before all events. Please note that when the Box Office is open prior to an event, only tickets for that particular show are on sale.

2. Where is the Box Office located?

The Box Office is located on the east end of the theatre at 270 W Center St. The door faces the corner of Center Street and Campbell Street.

3. What methods of payment are accepted?

Tickets may be charged on Visa, MasterCard or Discover. A $2.00 handling fee will apply to all purchases. The Palace will waive the handling fee when a patron chooses to pay with cash or check or is a current PCAA member.

4. Why is there an online ticketing fee?

The Palace Theatre uses a computer ticketing system that selects seats for patrons when ordering via the Internet. The online service that we use charges a $4 per ticket fee for each ticket purchased online. This ticketing fee will not apply for tickets purchased at the Box Office or by phone during regular business hours.

5. Where are my seats located?

The Palace Theatre was designed to boast having “every seat with the perfect view”. There are no obstructions for any of the 1445 available seats. There are 5 sections of the theatre on the main floor and in the balcony as follows:

L Left Main Floor Located beside the wall on the left of the Main Floor
LC Left Center Main Floor Located between Left Main Floor and Center Main Floor sections
C Center Main Floor Located in the large center section of the Main Floor
RC Right Center Main Floor Located between Right Main Floor and Center Main Floor sections
R Right Main Floor Located beside the wall on the right of the Main Floor

LB Left Balcony Located beside the wall on the left of the Balcony
LCB Left Center Balcony Located between Left Balcony and Center Balcony sections
CB Center Balcony Located in the large center section of the Balcony
RCB Right Center Balcony Located between Right Balcony and Center Balcony sections
RB Right Balcony Located beside the wall on the right of the Balcony

The rows are lettered from front to back in ascending order (AA, BB, CC, A, B, C, and so on…..). The last row of the theatre is Row X and sits 90 feet from the stage. The first row of the theatre sits 15 feet back from the front of the stage. Row P on the main floor is the first row located underneath the balcony.

6. I am picking my tickets up the day of the show. Where is Will Call located?

Pre-paid tickets may be placed in “Will Call” and picked up inside the main theatre doors before a performance.

7. Can I buy tickets the day of the show?

The Box Office opens one hour before an event. We strongly encourage patrons to purchase tickets in advance when possible. Buying tickets early is an advantage many patrons make use of since they are able to select the best seating and avoid long wait lines.

8. Can I return my tickets?

All sales are final. Current PCAA members may exchange tickets for a future Palace sponsored performance of the same value or pay any additional charges. Tickets must be returned to the Box Office at least 24 hours in advance of the event.

9. What do I do if the show is cancelled?

In the rare event of a cancellation we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand, often by telephone. You will be instructed to return your tickets to the Box Office, at which time the price of the tickets will be refunded. If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check. Refunds cannot be processed for cash. Tickets may also be exchanged for another event.

10. What if I can’t make it because of the weather?

If the show goes on as scheduled we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we do not offer weather-related refunds.

11. Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. You can purchase gift certificates in any amount at the Box Office. Gift certificates can be used for Palace events, movies, concessions or Arts Palace classes. However, we can not honor gift certificates for events presented by outside promoters, such as shows sponsored by organizations for their fundraising benefits. Gift certificates are good for two years from the date of purchase.

12. Where can I park?

Free parking is available directly behind the theatre and in various municipal lots in the area. Please respect the right of private businesses and organizations and do not park in their lots.

13. Where is the handicapped parking?

Handicapped parking is available behind the Marion County Building and a limited number on the west side of the May Pavilion.

14. Do you do tours? Can I see the theatre?

Yes. You can arrange a tour by calling the Box Office 740-383-2101.

15. Where can I see an up-to-date list of all shows coming to the Palace?

Our brochure can be found in the Box Office and online. You may request to be placed on our mailing list or e-mail list too; emails may be sent to

16. Who is responsible for deciding which shows will be booked?

The majority of the shows presented at the Palace Theatre are booked by the Executive Director with approval of the Board of Directors. However, many shows are presented by outside promoters who rent the theatre and are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising and the quality of the production.

17. Why don’t you bring in (insert your favorite artists here)?

Factors that go into deciding what artists to book include artist fees and availability, the size of the show, how many people will attend and how much will they pay. Oftentimes your favorite artist either doesn’t have a big enough following or is so popular that we can’t afford him or her or they will not perform here because we are too small. The best way to share an idea for an artist is to send an e-mail to

18. When do the doors open before a performance?

As a rule, theatre doors open one hour before a scheduled event. The inner lobby doors open at the discretion of the Palace management, usually 45-60 minutes prior to curtain. Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate break in the performance.

19. Can I bring food or drinks into the theatre?

We do not allow outside food or beverages to be brought into the theatre. Soft drinks, water and snacks are available for purchase at the Palace Theatre and may be taken into the auditorium. We reserve the right to limit alcohol sales.

20. Can I meet the artists? Get autographs?

Occasionally artists will agree to meet with fans after the show in the lobby. Otherwise, audience members are not allowed backstage.

21. Are cameras/recording devices allowed at the performance?

The use of flash photography, video and audio recorders during performances is strictly prohibited by the artists.

22. Why do you ask for donations beyond ticket costs?

Nearly every weekend patrons can find something to enjoy at the Marion Palace Theatre.  However, it takes a great deal of funding to keep a historic theatre running; especially one as active as the Palace where the average monthly utility expense is $5,000.  The ongoing operation of the Palace requires far more monies than can be generated through ticket sales to popular performances, films, or our annual summer musical.  It is the faithful contributors, who give to secure the future of the theatre, that keep the doors open and the lights on.

The Palace Theatre is a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax exempt corporation. Memberships and other donations made to the PCAA are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

23. Why do members get first available seats? How do I become a member?

One of the benefits of being a member is having the opportunity to select seats for the new season prior to tickets going on sale to the general public. Our membership drive begins in April and the new season is announced in August. Members are sent letters by donation level telling them when they may purchase tickets. You may call or stop in the box office and complete a membership form during box office hours.

24. Where are the rest rooms?

Rest rooms are located inside the auditorium. Facing the stage, the women’s room is located in the back right corner, with the men’s and handicapped facilities in the back left corner. Facilities are also available in the balcony and pavilion.

25. Where can I find a drinking fountain?

The Main Floor drinking fountain is located in the back right corner near the ladies rest room. A drinking fountain is also available in the balcony.

26. Do you have seats that will accommodate a large person?

Most seats in the theatre are a comfortable 18 inches in width. There are a few seats that are slightly larger and are 22 inches in width.

27. Where are the wheelchair accessible seats located?

There are 15 wheel chair platform areas in the theatre:

Left Section, Row D, Seat 98
Left Section, Row N, Seats 98 & 99

Left Center Section, Row AA, Seat 98
Left Center Section, Row BB, Seat 98
Left Center Section, Row CC, Seat 98
Left Center Section, Row A, Seat 98
Left Center Section, Row B, Seats 98 & 99

Right Center Section, Row AA, Seat 98
Right Center Section, Row BB, Seat 98
Right Center Section, Row CC, Seat 98
Right Center Section, Row A, Seat 98
Right Center Section, Row B, Seat 98

Right Section, Row D, Seat 98

28. What is the Palace Theatre's Privacy Policy?

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