Palace Staff
Bev Ford Executive Director
Veronica Bodine Director of Finance
Mark Meginness Technical Director Tech Specs
Lisa Brammer Marketing Manager
Jill Rinker Facility Use Coordinator
Mark Lyons Utility Crew Leader Call 740/383-2101
Ronnie Siler Utility Crew Call 740/383-2101
Amy Baldauf Ticket Office Agent
PJ Hitz Ticket Office Agent
Margo Hoffman Ticket Office Agent
Maria Williams Ticket Office Agent / School Matinee Coordinator
Honey Lynn Carr House Manager Call 740/383-2101
John Garnes, II House Manager Call 740/383-2101
Kitty Rasmussen House Manager Call 740/383-2101
Daniel Short House Manager Call 740/383-2101
Phone: 740.383.2101  Fax:  740.387.3425  General Information:
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Palace Board of Trustees

Board Member

Term Out Date

Baldauf, Jeff July 2016  
Cooke, Clare July 2017  
Dreher, Dan July 2017  
Ellerkamp, Drew July 2018  
Harper, Andy July 2018  
Henry, Luke July 2016  
Hoffman, Scott July 2016  
Jacob, Sue July 2016  
Kasmenn, David July 2018  
Knotts, Jen July 2017  
Ruth, Scott July 2015  
Schifer, Tom July 2016  
Stuckey, Mike July 2016  
Tabbert, Bill July 2017  
Treadway, Jordan July 2017  
Van Meter, Chelsea July 2017  
Yaksic, Emily July 2017  

According to PCAA bylaws, Directors must not have served as Director for more than eight (8) consecutive years, including for purposes of calculation the three (3) year term for which the Director is proposed for election, unless at least one (1) year has passed from the end of the Director's previous term.

Current term-out dates are listed above.