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disney's the lion king

October 4, 5, 6, 2024

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OCTOBER 4, 5, 2024 AT 7:00 PM

OCTOBER 6, 2024 AT 2:00 PM


Step into the majestic world of 

"The Lion King Jr.," where the themes 

of bravery, redemption, and legacy unfold. Follow the journey of Simba, the young lion prince, as he traverses the rich and vibrant African savannah to reclaim his royal destiny. With iconic songs like "Circle of Life" and "Hakuna Matata," this musical brings the cherished Disney story to the stage, showcasing the energy and talent of a young cast. Experience the power of friendship, courage, and the circle of life in this stirring adventure. "The Lion King Jr." brings a season of memorable storytelling and awe-inspiring moments, captivating audiences of all ages.


Directed by Kristi Wink.

Auditions will be held:

Sunday, August 18, 2024 at 1:00 PM

Tickets: $13, $26 Adult

              $13 Children 12 and under

Sponsored by:

Jim & Barb Greetham

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