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Congratulations to the Cast of Disney's The Little Mermaid!

We are thrilled to announce the talented cast of Disney's The Little Mermaid at the Marion Palace Theatre! Congratulations to everyone who auditioned and to those who have been selected to bring this magical story to life.

Meet the Cast:

- Ariel: Olivia Noel

- Pilot/Chef Louis: Parker Baird

- Sailor/Gull/Chef/Sea Creature: Katelyn Wicker

- Sailor/Gull/Chef/Sea Creature: Ruby Williams

- Sailor/Chef/Sea Creature: Lucy Johnson

- Sailor: Aaron Eaches

- Leeward/Sailor/Sea Creature: Joesph Karrick

- Sailor/Sea Creature: Kent Halloran

- Sailor/Sea Creature: Carter Blauser

- Prince Eric: Brady Wink

- Grimsby: Bishop Oldfield

- Flounder: Carter Rawlins

- Scuttle: Sami-Kay Mergy

- Winward: Angelo Antionio

- King Triton: Dustin Rawlins

- Sebastian: Kendell Edgerton

- Mersister/Gull/Chef: Miranda Werner

- Mersister: Valerie Dunmire

- Mersister/Gull/Chef: Abigail Bennett

- Mersister/Gull/Chef: Sadie Wink

- Flotsam: Sara Grote

- Jetsam: Vanneeda Keowmang-Goings

- Ursula: Morgan Schwartz

- Gull/Sea Creature: Annie Ratliff

- Gull/Maid/Sea Creature: Elli Schenk

- Maid/Sea Creature: Nancy Shaffer

- Maid/Sea Creature: Anna Wenig

- Maid/Sea Creature: Farrah Gregg

- Maid/Sea Creature: Maria Hoffman

- Maid/Sea Creature: Moriah Marquis

- Jr. Maid/Sea Creature: Naila Riddle

- Jr. Maid/Sea Creature: Stella Johnson

- Jr. Maid/Sea Creature: Emma Hogan

- Jr. Maid/Sea Creature: Jasmine Ho

- Chef/Princess/Sea Creature: Halli Schenk

- Princess/Sea Creature: Cheyenne Leopold

- Princess/Sea Creature: Cora Ballenger

- Princess/Sea Creature: Ava Wachtman

- Mersister: Ava Stover

- Mersister: Abigail Hanke

- Sea Creature: Lillian Dunmire

- Sea Creature: Taylor Rice

- Sea Creature: Brianna Harless

- Sea Creature: Emi Sonnier

- Sea Creature: Addy Hopper

- Sea Creature: Akina Moore

- Sea Creature: Rossalyn Evans

- Sea Creature: Emma McKenney

- Sea Creature: Achaia Marquis

Don't Miss the Show!

Join us this summer to experience Ariel’s enchanting journey under the sea and her quest for love and adventure. This production promises stunning performances, unforgettable songs, and breathtaking sets, making it a must-see event for audiences of all ages.

Show Details:

- Dates & Times:

- July 13 at 7:30 PM (Opening Night with Patron Party)

- July 14 at 2:00 PM

- July 19 at 7:30 PM

- July 20 at 7:30 PM

- July 21 at 2:00 PM

- Cost:

- Patron Tickets: $55 (includes access to the Patron Party on opening night)

- Adults: $29, $27

- Children (12 and under): $13

- Sponsors: OhioHealth, Steve and Beth Cumbie, The Mary H. Hollaway Fund at the Marion Community Foundation

Tickets are on sale now! Be on the lookout for the cast list soon and secure your seats today for an unforgettable summer of magic at the Marion Palace Theatre!

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