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A Taste of Improv

With Olivia Brazell

A Taste of Improv (11 x 17 in).jpg

Enjoy watching Shovel City Improv? Want to make yourself and your friends laugh? Tired of being so stuck in your head? Join Olivia for a six-week course to learn the basics of improvisation. Learn a new skill for staying in the moment and hopefully find some laughs in between.

Classes include:

Week 1: improv Basics

Week 2: Who, What, Where and When- Scene Work

Week 3: Games, Games, and more Games

Week 4: Long Form

Week 5: A combination of fun

Week 6: Chef’s Pick

Mondays starting March 25th – April 29th
$12 per person/per class

$60 for 6 week series

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