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Our Team

Step behind the curtain at Marion Palace Theatre and meet the team that makes our magic possible. Get to know the creative and operational minds working together to deliver unforgettable theatrical experiences.

Rotational House Managers

Audrie Bender

Olivia Brazell

Emma Buening

Zane Burris

Jordyn Flowers

Elizabeth Moore

Dustin Rawlins

Utility Crew

Sarah Heck

Joey Karrick

PCAA Executive Committee

Daniel Bradshaw, Chair

Drew Ellerkamp, Past Chair

Ralph Hill, Vice Chair

Deb Widrig, Secretary

Tim Roston, Treasurer

Additional Board Members

Mike Andrews

Gary Branson

Kathy Goodman

Barb Greetham

Jacob Johnston

Deb Langdon

Todd Schneider

George Schram

Emeritus Director, Tom Frericks

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