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michael grandinetti

Saturday, June 7, 2025 @ 7:30 PM

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SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2025 AT 7:30 PM

Experience the unparalleled magic of Michael Grandinetti, acclaimed by Entertainment Weekly and Forbes as a leading magician of our time. Michael brings his groundbreaking illusions directly to you, transforming the theater into a realm where the boundaries of reality blur. This event is more than a magic show; it's a chance to witness incredible feats reimagined for a modern audience and enhanced through interactive experiences. Join us for a night where every moment promises to astonish and engage, leaving you with memories of magic that truly defy the limits of possibility. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a spectacle that combines Michael's two decades of worldwide acclaim into a single, breathtaking performance.

Tickets: $39, $47, $52, $59 Adults

              $13 Children 12 and under

Sponsored by:

Rex & Carolyn Parrott

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