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Summer Hoopla

Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th

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FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024 AT 7:30 PM

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2024 AT 7:30 PM

Experience outrageous comedy and iconic music in a carnival on the beach setting. This edge of your seat summer spectacle is where inhibitions are checked at the door, and the heat gets turned way up . With the AC blasting, of course . We may be Philistines but we’re not monsters!

-Dinner & Show: $55 (dinner at 6:30 PM)

-Show Only: $30 (showtime at 7:30 PM)

Get ready for a neighborhood-style cook-out dinner, courtesy of our good friends at A Taste of Memphis! On the menu: smoked hot dogs, smoked bratwurst, a delicious topping bar, BBQ chicken nachos, BBQ pork nachos, and more. It's a cook-out feast that promises to be as memorable as the show itself!

Warning: This performance is designed to thrill and entertain, pushing the boundaries of traditional cabaret with a bold, unapologetic summer vibe. Strong language and adult themes! This is not a family-friendly show!

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